Rescue Me Wins 2014 Readers Favorite Award

Val Silver and Team Rescue are very happy to announce that Rescue Me won the 2014 Reader’s Favorite Book Award – Silver Medal in the Nonfiction Animals category. Val will be attending the awards in November and more photos will follow.


Read the review here.

Thank you, Readers Favorite, for choosing Rescue Me as an award winner, and all of you for your continued support in our mission to help homeless dogs and advocate for animals.

Teddy’s Good Life

Update on Teddy

Teddy’s story was originally shared in Rescue Me. He had made a lot of progress, and it has been so wonderful watching him continue to blossom into his true and maturing self.

Teddy’s good life didn’t start out that way. Actually, Teddy started life very sadly and quietly in our house and did a fair amount of hiding under the bed. That, combined with the awful condition he arrived at the SPCA, suggested a prior not-so-good life. When he played, which wasn’t often, he never uttered a sound. One day, after several months with us, he surprised us with tentative little r-r-r sounds during a game of tug-o-war. We were delighted!

Now, Teddy has so much fun playing, that even when amusing himself with a stick in the yard, he runs and prances while making making his adorable, happy growly sounds.

It warms my heart to watch him having so much fun, enjoying himself with head and tail held high, especially when I remember how he was at first. Teddy is a joy, and his joy of life can’t help but enhance ours. Just last month he has started laying against me at night when we’re sleeping, instead of putting distance between us. (Sometimes I’m not so sure that’s a good thing, but usually I love it!) We are so happy this boy found his way to our home as a foster to forever.

Rescue Me Teddy

Read Teddy’s story – “From Foster to Forever” – in Rescue Me.

Do you have a happy ending story about your rescue dog? We’d love to hear it. Please share in the comments below.

Mom and Dog Memorial

Dear Readers,

I thought you might enjoy this note I received from Reverend Riki Renfro, a member of my Holistic Mindbody Healing website who purchased the kindle version of  Rescue Me.  In this note, Riki shares a delightful story of Mom Lelah and her pomeranian Polly, and the fitting Mom and Dog Memorial given them. And how cute is that photo! :)

 Hi Val,

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you; it’s been a busy summer.  I finally had time to complete the book and enjoyed every bit of it.

One of the things on our long list of “to do’s” was to complete my mother’s memorial service.  Based on her pre-death instructions, we took her ashes to a local lake where my brother died seven years ago.  My father’s ashes were also put into the lake a few years ago. 

Since her little Pomeranian, Polly, died a week after Mom died, we mixed their ashes together and put them into the water together after sharing stories and memories of the two of them.  Polly was with Mom her last 16 years and was unquestionably the love of her life. To be honest, I was probably the favorite (and youngest) of Mom’s three children, but Polly quickly surpassed my standing as “favorite kid”. 

Mom was 96 when she died and I know it was having the love of this little puff-ball that contributed to her longevity and gave her a purpose for waking up every morning.  Mom also attributed her longevity to the nightly martini she had.  Polly didn’t care for gin, but she loved the green olives more than any doggy treat.  Mom would put 5 green olives into her drink: one she ate, the other four were Polly’s.  As we dispersed the ashes we also poured a fifth of Mom’s favorite gin into the water for her and a bottle of green olives for Polly.   It certainly was not your conventional funeral service, but was definitely a fitting and meaningful ceremony for all of us. 

There definitely is a reason why DOG spelled backwards is GOD.  Thank you for a lovely book.  I’ll look forward to more in the future.

Rescue Me Review

Polly with her blanket crocheted by Mom Lelah

Rev. Riki Renfro
Peaceworks Universal Life Church
Shared with permission.


Rescue Me in Rescue Me Magazine

We are so delighted and honored to be featured in the July/August 2014 issue of Rescue Me Magazine. And look who’s on the cover – my favorite cat man, Jackson Galaxy, of “My Cat From Hell” with his rescue cat Barry (to the left-not visible in this shot) and his beautiful Chow-Shepherd mix, Mooshka.

Get your autographed copy of Rescue Me here.  Also available on Amazon for kindle and in paperback.

Good Reads Rescue Me

Rescue Me is a new magazine – only in it’s third edition. Like us, Rescue Me magazine is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of homeless animals, and support causes, organizations and people who promote pet rescue, adoption, and the human-animal bond.  Besides all the interesting articles, tips, and shout-outs to rescuers in the magazine, half of your subscription fee goes to the non-profit of your choice. Check out their website and get your subscription here:


TapInfinity Has Gone to the Dogs

TapInfinity has gone to the dog in celebration of the release of my new book, Rescue Me: Tales of Rescuing the Dogs Who Became Our Teachers, Healers, and Always Faithful Friends. 

Rescue Me is a collection of 12 original true stories by 10 contributors. These stories, and the accompanying quotes, highlight the companionship between humans and dogs, and how when we rescue them and make them part of our lives, we really rescue ourselves in return. In addition to raising sensitivity to the plight and needs of homeless dogs, funds from Rescue Me sales benefit non-profit shelters and rescues.

Rescue Me paperback 3D

Get your copy, listen to free audios, and more here.

I wrote Rescue Me because dogs have always been a big part of my life, and have saved me emotionally more than once. They have taught me about unconditional love and living in the moment. With so many homeless dogs (and cats) in need, I had to do something to help. Please join us in giving back to these deserving beings.

  Rescue Me Val Silver quote

Service Dogs

Service dogs can be a real godsend for people with physical and mental disabilities. They can alert them to medical problems, provide comfort, be their eyes and ears, and offer them a better quality of life.

These highly trained dogs are required to perform tasks that assist someone with a disability. Sadly, some people are using a loop hole to call their untrained pet dog a service dog. Then they take that untrained dog to restaurants, on airplanes, shopping etc and this untrained dog does all sorts of UNBELIEVABLE things like going potty, barking, grabbing at food or goods, lunging, snapping at people, and worse biting people.

Service dogs spend many months in very intensive training to ignore any distractions as well as learn how they will service their new owner. You will never see a trainer service dog make any of the mistakes I listed above yet shop owners, airlines, etc are starting to turn away REAL service dogs because someone wanted to break all of the rules.

Here is a list of things service dogs are trained for:

  • Seeing eye dogs not only do they guide their owners, which is huge, they have to be able to pick up dropped items, get their working harness, go potty on command, never touch food not given to them, and remain in a down stay for hours and hours at a time.
  • Hearing dogs are trained to notify their owner (without barking) of any sound that needs to be responded to,  such as doorbell, oven timer, fire and carbon monoxide alarms, alarm clock, etc.
  • Physically disabled assistance dogs are trained to pull a wheel chair, open and close doors, open appliances  such as the refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, washer,  and dryer. They learn to turn on and off lights, and so many more specific skills based on their person’s needs.
  • Seizure and Diabetes alert dogs are trained to smell very slight changes in a person’s body chemistry prior to a seizure or sugar crash and to alert both the person getting ready to have an event and anyone else around that person so that they can be ready for the seizure or medicate the diabetic to stop the event.
  • PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) dogs are trained to detect a panic attack and push into the owner to provide comfort and help reduce the panic attacks, most are trained to find the cell phone and bring it to the owner as well as many other tasks based on each person’s issue.

Then there are therapy dogs like mine and Judy’s dog, Frances (see a Tale of Two Judys in Rescue Me), that are in no way service dogs, but have training to provide comfort to those that find the presence of a dog comforting.

Written by Jean Owen of NJ

Advocating for Animals On-line

Do you have a passion for animals? Do you have time on your hands that you would like to use to help others? Have you been looking for a way to give back to others? Then you might be just the person we are looking for.

There is a whole community on the internet using social media, mainly facebook, who are the voices for the voiceless animals. We are comprised of people from all walks of life – retired, ill and cannot work, working folks, rescuers, shelter volunteers, etc. We have a large community of people (thousands of cross posters on 7 continents) who share animals that are in shelters on death row, on streets, tied to poles and left to die, left in homes to starve when people move, missing, stolen, emaciated, dumped, surrendered seniors, horrible shelter conditions, chained, tortured, etc. all over the world. We post and share sick animals, young animals, old animals, blind, deaf, tortured; well, you get the idea. We just share all animals. And, we save lives every single day. Dogs, cats, pigs, horses, birds, any type of animal, have a chance to have a life, thanks to our networking. Those same animals were dying in great numbers before the birth of the internet. We are international.

Here are only a few ways that we, as the animal advocate community use the internet, Facebook being our largest venue, to do our work.

  • The internet has made it possible to rescue as many as an additional million animals per year. There are hundreds of shelters which are invisible to the world and with the use of the internet, our advocates are now able to post pictures and write ups of these animals that are never seen by the public and find rescues and homes for them. There are many shelters that do not allow public access to their animals. How else would those animals be seen and have a chance at life, rather than death? We, have people who go into those shelters and take pictures and post them to give those animals their slim chance at life.
  • Through the use of facebook, we also alert animals’ owners of food recalls and supply important information on food, treats, toys, grooming, obedience training, help for disabilities in pets, news, organizations that can assist, new ideas, etc., etc.
  • Through facebook, we can now share the identities of scammers and animals abusers. We can show pictures and share write ups of those who have and will continue to abuse animals in horrible manners. Abusers are now being caught due to the Face book awareness level. There are many facebook groups  with the specific purpose of getting the word out on abusers and abuse cases to the communities. Thus, abusers are identified faster and people are warned at a much higher rate. This all makes it harder to hide abuse now.
  • We also educate others with news articles, warnings about the use of Craigslist to post animals for homes, etc.
  • There are so many, many shelters out there that are in horrendous conditions filled with neglectful and abusive employees. We are  able to publicize these shelters; our advocates investigate and these shelters are now being exposed.
  • With use of petition sites, abuse petitions are being spread and signed and laws are being changed and abusers being prosecuted – this would never have happened before the internet.
  • We also share missing children and adults. This has helped the community a great deal by making it faster to find someone. Due to this internet exposure, we have seen missing people posted and found the very next day.

No special talent is needed for this volunteer opportunity. If you have some time, a caring for others and internet access – come on over and join our community. We always welcome new voices. You will be helping the world and meeting people from all over the world.  To find groups and pages that interest you, use the search engine of facebook.

Warning – you may get so excited helping others that you may get addicted! This is a work of love and of heart and we would love to have you.

suzie and patt600_3
Written by Patti Mansfield
Read Patti’s story “From Trash to Treasure”
in Rescue Me

Calming Feelings in a Cancer Surgery Scar with EFT

This is one of the three articles posted in Gary Craig’s newsletter several years ago complete with Gary’s intro. Enjoy!

Hi Everyone,

Here’s an unusual use for EFT from Valerie Silver that can be expanded to many other related issues.

Hugs, Gary

Recently I had the pleasure of exchanging services with a local Reiki Master. We used the EFT Tell the Story technique and chopped down two trees in the forest of traumatic memories from abuse by her mother that happened over fifty years ago. She went from tears to laughter (level of intensity of 10 out of 10 to 0) in just a few rounds.

She later showed me a scar from skin cancer surgery two years previously. She mentioned that whenever she used a pendulum over the scar, it would “swing like crazy” and when she would do Reiki on it, the area felt “yucky”, even though it felt good on the rest of her arm.

Intrigued, and hearing Gary’s voice in my head saying “Try it on everything”. I thought, “Why not?” When I contacted her to follow up on her session (still a 0 on a scale of 0 to 10), I asked if she’d like to try an experiment via telephone using EFT for the scar.

The process only took a few minutes. Here’s how it went. First I had her rate her intensity by using both the pendulum and Reiki. The pendulum went crazy and the scar felt weird, like burned skin feels, with Reiki. She rated the intensity at about 3 out of 10. We began the sequence with three rounds of rubbing the sore spot and saying:

Even though I have this scar…

Even though it makes the pendulum swing like crazy…

Even though it feels “yucky” when I do Reiki on it…

We did one round of shortcut tapping, then assessed. The pendulum was quiet on her whole arm and there was still some uncomfortable feeling at the top of the scar with Reiki. We tapped again on the “remaining yucky feeling at the top of the scar”.

When we tested again the pendulum was still quiet and the arm, including the entire scar, felt cool with the Reiki. She then tested again using another pendulum, her metal one that “really goes crazy” and … nothing. “Hmm” and “that’s amazing”. I heard as she tested again. “Amazing”. What else can you say?

Val Silver

Using EFT for Recurring Dreams

This is one of three articles I had originally published in Gary Craig’s newsletter a few years back. Here is article #2, complete with Gary’s intro.

Hi Everyone,

Ever have recurring dreams that you wish would vanish and never show up again? Try Val Silver’s approach.

Hugs, Gary

Over a period of a few weeks I noticed a recurring theme in my dreams. They weren’t necessarily the same dreams, but the idea was the same. So, again thinking of Gary Craig’s reminder to “try it on everything,” I began my experiment.

Using the Movie Technique, I began with the setup phrase and then tapped through as much of the dreams as I could remember, focusing attention on any segments that raised my intensity. If no intensity was obvious, I continued tapping for a few more rounds before moving on. I did not attempt to link these dream events to “reality” but treated them as if they were the reality.

If possible meanings came to mind, I tapped them, but did not turn all my attention to them. For example, in one series of dreams I was lost and couldn’t find my way to class. When I did, the teacher was giving a test and I knew I would fail since this was my first time in that class. One thought was that I couldn’t figure out how to reach my goals or was failing at the life lessons or things I needed to accomplish. I continued tapping through those thoughts and then turned my attention back to the dream.

I would not assume that the first interpretation given those dreams is necessarily the most accurate for that dream. I’ve noticed that as tapping progresses, different interpretations cross through my mind. I let them all be … figuring they each contain a kernel of truth, and settle on the one that feels best. However, this is not the purpose set for myself by doing this work. My purpose is to resolve the issues that these dreams represent, even if I don’t consciously understand what they are. The test of success appears rather simple. The dreams do not recur or “morph” into similar dreams. I am happy to say I haven’t had any of those dreams since using EFT for them.

See also: Tapping with Tunes for Painful Memories and
Calming Feelings in a Cancer Scar with EFT.

Tapping with Tunes – Use Songs and Tapping to Heal Painful Memories

Several years ago I had three EFT articles published in Gary Craig’s Newsletter when his site was active. The articles are now hosted on the new site. Each article demonstrates an unusual way that Val uses Emotional Freedom Techniques successfully. Gary’s comments are included in italics with the EFT articles as published.

Hi Everyone,

Val Silver noticed that certain songs would trigger some unwanted emotional responses. So, since the songs ‘tuned her in’ to some emotional issue, she decided to used EFT while they were playing. Success. Very clever.

Hugs, Gary

tapping with tunes piano music Several months ago it dawned on me that whenever certain songs played on the radio, this low feeling would settle over me. For a while I would just try to brush it off, or put it in my “to deal with later file”, but then it occurred to me to take the opportunity to use EFT. Now since I only listen to the radio in the car, and country roads don’t lend themselves to sitting in traffic jams, a little creativity was required.

I decided that if I felt depressed when a song played, I would tap the EFT points with one hand (safety first) while tuning into the music, letting the lyrics and the instrumentals provide the emotional triggers. My job is simply to do the tapping sequence. If the intensity rises or I don’t feel a shift rather quickly I do three rounds of short, fast EFT with setup phrases such as: Even though this somebody done somebody wrong song makes me want to cry…

This works well because a song lasts approximately three minutes so speed is of the essence. Then I resume tapping. I may turn off the radio when the song is over and finish the sequence as needed if time and attention allow. I don’t worry if the work is incomplete because when that song or one like it comes on again, there is a ready opportunity to test my progress and keep tapping.

I do not stray into the causes or related issues even though I am fairly certain of what they are and have already tapped them as completely as presumed possible. I also did not want to dredge things up while I was driving (safety again). Clearly the avenue of music takes the healing to a deeper level, or addresses other aspects that were not otherwise accessible.

However, after a few episodes of doing EFT in this way, I found that sometimes I didn’t even notice when the songs came on or remember what they were. Not only that, but for the first time in a long time I am singing along as I drive and enjoying it, even if those lyrics would have triggered that blue feeling in the not-so-distant past.

Val Silver