Fecal Transplants and Probiotics

I thought I had heard everything-that is until I read about fecal transplants. You read that right. Fecal transplants?



If you need an incentive to eat and drink cultured probiotic foods this could be it.

As you probably know doctors rarely, if ever, prescribe or even suggest that patients use probiotics along with antibiotics. Probiotics prevent imbalances by repopulating the colon with helpful bacteria. Otherwise, yeast and bad bacteria get a free pass to wreak havoc in your intestines and eventually your body.

Antibiotics are indiscriminate. They kill all types of bacteria – good and bad. When healthy bacteria in the colon are weakened and killed, more opportunistic bad bacteria such as Clostrium difficile can infect the colon and overgrow, causing toxic buildup and inflammation.

The medical solution – fecal transplants. During a colonoscopy, doctors transfer feces from your spouse or one of your relatives into your colon so it can repopulate with good bacteria and crowd out bad bacteria.

The success rate of FMT is very high, but can you say, “Disgusting!!!”

Can you say, “Give me probiotics with antibiotics, please?”

To avoid a C. diff infection, imbalanced gut flora and all the problems that arise, you have to take responsibility and be proactive. Always take probiotics during and several weeks after using antibiotics. You can use high quality capsules, but cultured foods are best.

Live culture unsweetened or lightly sweetened yogurt is good, kefir is better, cultured vegetables are best. Actually, a combination of all of the above is best. Reintroduce probiotics into your system about an hour after your last dose of antibiotics and if you can, one or two more times during the day.

For good gut health that will benefit your whole body, make cultured food and beverages a part of your everyday diet. Enjoy a few tablespoons of unpasteurized raw cultured sauerkraut or beets with lunch and/or dinner. I top my salads with a big spoonful of shredded cultured beets. Sip kefir or eat a cup of yogurt as a snack.

Mix it up and give your body a variety of cultures to benefit from. If your system is very imbalanced you may need to start with a tablespoon at a time. Stick with it and make them a part of your diet every day.

Cultured vegetables are amazing detoxifiers and health builders. You can easily make your own with shredded cabbage, beets or other vegetables. Or buy them ready made.

Culture Starter by Body Ecology

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