Thank you so much for completing the November 2016 survey. I was so touched by your responses because they showed me how caring, wise, and spiritually minded you are and that we are on the same path. 46 of you filled out the identical surveys. One went to facebook and the other to members.

I was especially excited to see that spiritual perspectives about how we treat others is important to you and that you care deeply about helping others and want to learn more.  That is the topic of my upcoming book and what I want to share more about with you.

You told me that you are most interested in learning about emotional well-being and getting that programmed subconscious mind to align with what you want. We’ll give more attention to those topics, too.  Other concerns shared? Here are a few: Lack of sleep, angst, healthier eating, peace within and with others, and just doing it. We’ll have a lot to talk about over the next few months!

What made me smile biggest? 12 of you said “YES” to the free guide and video series about helping animals and people in minutes a day from home. It’s call the Be a Hero course and hopefully you already received the confirmation by email.

This course is very special to me. It’s free because I don’t want finances to be a barrier to you getting it and making a difference in the world.   I’m at the time in my life where it’s important to me to give and pay it forward, to make the world a little better and this is one way I’m doing that.

Many of the tips are so easy and quick you’ll be amazed. My 5-minute daily morning routine puts around $10 (corporate sponsorship money) to work through several nonprofits helping people, the planet and animals. That’s $3,650 a year. Okay I do miss a day here and there so let’s say $3,500. That’s something to feel good about.

If you still want to sign up, here’s the link:

I’m saying “YES”. Send me the free course.

Thanks again for your time and responses. I appreciate you.

Oh yes, our three lucky gift card recipients are: Jean M., Lara, and Deb L. Congratulations!





2016 Survey Results

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