Using EFT for Recurring Dreams

Over a period of a few weeks I noticed a recurring theme in my dreams. They weren’t necessarily the same dreams, but the idea was the same. So, again thinking of Gary Craig’s reminder to “try it on everything,” I began my experiment.

Using the Movie Technique I began with the setup phrase and then tapped through as much of…

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Tapping with Tunes – Use Songs and Tapping to Heal Painful Memories

Several months ago it dawned on me that whenever certain songs played on the radio, this low feeling would settle over me. For a while I would just try to brush it off, or put it in my “to deal with later file”, but then it occurred to me to take the opportunity to use EFT.

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Fecal Transplants and Probiotics

I thought I had heard everything-that is until I read about fecal transplants. You read that right. Fecal transplants? Really? Why? If you need an incentive to eat and drink cultured probiotic foods this could be it. As you probably … Continue reading

Grief, Healing and Meta-Medicine

Spring may be all about new beginnings, but as the trees began budding, and the first brave wildflowers of an early spring bloomed, on that last hot March day, I was faced with an ending. My beloved French bulldog, Louis, … Continue reading

Goal Setting: A Positive Start to the New Year

The new year is a time of new beginnings. It is the time to let the past go and look forward to a fresh start. It is also the time when many people make resolutions to change their lives, especially … Continue reading

Wellness Challenge#10 – Alleviate Overwhelm

This wellness challenge is about reducing or alleviating feelings of overwhelm in one or more areas of your life. You can meet this challenge in one of two ways: either scale back what you are asking of yourself or expand … Continue reading

Wellness Challenge #9 – Zap Household Obesogens

This week your goal is to reduce your exposure to environmental obesogens. Again, for those of us living in the modern world, eliminating these endocrine-disrupting chemicals from our lives entirely is pretty much impossible. However, there is much you can … Continue reading

Wellness Challenge #8 – Zap Obesogens

In past challenges we have talked quite a bit about the link between toxic chemicals and major diseases.  But what do they have to do with fat? Many of these chemicals can alter your genes and cause you to create … Continue reading

Wellness Challenge #7 – Zap Tolerations

What are you tolerating? If you are feeling a low level of chronic stress, you may want to look at what the late Coach Thomas Leonard dubbed ‘tolerations’. The idea is that anything you don’t like, annoys you, or that drains … Continue reading

Wellness Challenge #5 Buy It Local

Summer is a great time to buy local produce from area farmers. You can find luscious berries, corn, beets, squash and tomatoes ripened on the vine at farmer’s markets, private stands and even some grocery stores. You may even find … Continue reading