Wellness Challenge #8 – Zap Obesogens

In past challenges we have talked quite a bit about the link between toxic chemicals and major diseases.  But what do they have to do with fat? Many of these chemicals can alter your genes and cause you to create … Continue reading

Wellness Challenge #7 – Zap Tolerations

What are you tolerating? If you are feeling a low level of chronic stress, you may want to look at what the late Coach Thomas Leonard dubbed ‘tolerations’. The idea is that anything you don’t like, annoys you, or that drains … Continue reading

Wellness Challenge #5 Buy It Local

Summer is a great time to buy local produce from area farmers. You can find luscious berries, corn, beets, squash and tomatoes ripened on the vine at farmer’s markets, private stands and even some grocery stores. You may even find … Continue reading

Wellness Challenge #4 Non-toxic Personal Products

How are you doing with the first three challenges? To recap, our last three goals are: Add only natural sweeteners to beverages such as stevia, a little raw organic sugar, and lo han. Avoid adding artificial sweeteners containing aspartame and … Continue reading

Wellness Challenge#3 – Upgrade Your Water Bottle

The challenge for this week is to ‘boycott the disposable plastic water bottle’ for every day personal use. Several years ago we happily drank water from our taps and carried it in a thermos. That just shows the power of … Continue reading

Why Write My Goal and How Do I Do It?

Dwight Thomas said, “It’s only a dream until you write it down, and then it becomes a goal.” Why is that? Researchers found that when a resolution was only voiced or thought, it usually went by the wayside within a … Continue reading

Wellness Challenge #2 – Green Cleaning

This wellness challenge comes at the perfect time for spring cleaning. As you use up your petroleum based and chemical household cleaners, start switching to green cleaning products. The chemicals in standard cleaning products get into your skin when you … Continue reading

Wellness Challenge: Reduce Your Use of Artificial Sweeteners

If you limit or don’t use artificial sweeteners, you’ve already got this challenge nailed. Just post your comment on the blog here so we can give you a cheer (and your name goes in the prize hat). Do tell us … Continue reading

Achieving Your Goals and Wellness Challenge

Do you ever feel like this? You know what you need to do to take care of your health. You may even be an expert at preaching it. But you find it’s a lot harder to actually do it. I … Continue reading

Try It On Everything

If all I ever got out of EFT was dumping years of emotional garbage, it would have been well worth it. For me, that was HUGE!Releasing all that anger, resentment and unforgiveness revealed the calmer, kinder person hiding beneath that … Continue reading