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Hi Everyone,

Here’s an unusual use for EFT from Valerie Silver that can be expanded to many other related issues.

Hugs, Gary

Recently I had the pleasure of exchanging services with a local Reiki Master. We used the EFT Tell the Story technique and chopped down two trees in the forest of traumatic memories from abuse by her mother that happened over fifty years ago. She went from tears to laughter (level of intensity of 10 out of 10 to 0) in just a few rounds.

She later showed me a scar from skin cancer surgery two years previously. She mentioned that whenever she used a pendulum over the scar, it would “swing like crazy” and when she would do Reiki on it, the area felt “yucky”, even though it felt good on the rest of her arm.

Intrigued, and hearing Gary’s voice in my head saying “Try it on everything”. I thought, “Why not?” When I contacted her to follow up on her session (still a 0 on a scale of 0 to 10), I asked if she’d like to try an experiment via telephone using EFT for the scar.

The process only took a few minutes. Here’s how it went. First I had her rate her intensity by using both the pendulum and Reiki. The pendulum went crazy and the scar felt weird, like burned skin feels, with Reiki. She rated the intensity at about 3 out of 10. We began the sequence with three rounds of rubbing the sore spot and saying:

Even though I have this scar…

Even though it makes the pendulum swing like crazy…

Even though it feels “yucky” when I do Reiki on it…

We did one round of shortcut tapping, then assessed. The pendulum was quiet on her whole arm and there was still some uncomfortable feeling at the top of the scar with Reiki. We tapped again on the “remaining yucky feeling at the top of the scar”.

When we tested again the pendulum was still quiet and the arm, including the entire scar, felt cool with the Reiki. She then tested again using another pendulum, her metal one that “really goes crazy” and … nothing. “Hmm” and “that’s amazing”. I heard as she tested again. “Amazing”. What else can you say?

Val Silver

Calming Feelings in a Cancer Surgery Scar with EFT
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