Rescue Me Donations and Fundraising 2014-15

As funds become available, donations of cash, books for fundraising, and wish list items are made to our sponsored organizations and others. Rescue Me is also gifted to donators participating in certain shelter/rescue fundraisers. Thank you for making these donations possible.

Our donations to date include:

>>Williams Direct Vent LP Wall Furnace to Meade Canine Rescue Foundation’s Creston California Sanctuary – Jan 2014

Thank you to folks purchasing Rescue Me on amazon. Royalties from your purchases fully funded this heater and will be keeping the dogs and people at the sanctuary warm for years to come.

Williams heater

>>Rescue Me books were donated for a MCRF fundraiser, Dec, 2014, Rescue Me Senior books donated, Nov 2015

Santa Ted and Val

>>Val volunteers to sign/sell books for the SPCA of Jefferson County fundraising-February 2014 and ongoing. Books were donated for fundraising at the shelter. Cash donation made-October 2015


>>Val book signing on behalf of following organizations at the RockWall Classic Dog Shows February, 2014.


>>Faith, Letha, and Julia (not shown) volunteer to sign/sell donated books at Portsmouth Humane Society’s Paws For a Cause, April 2014. Books were donated to PHS in October, 2015 and were signed and sold for them by Letha.

Letha Hundley signing books at the PHS event. Faith Blanford and Yoda signed too. So did Winnie and Julia Buie!
Letha Hundley signing books at the PHS event. Faith Blanford and Yoda signed too. So did Winnie and Julia Buie!

>>An aluminum framed Kuranda bed was donated to Portsmouth Humane Society, 2014

Our donation from RM royalties was made as part of a fundraiser in which 55 beds were donated to PHS by various supporters. Here’s what PHS had to say,”…The new beds will enable us not only to replace the broken and worn-out beds you see on the adopt side of the building, but now we have the resources to provide a bed to every dog on the stray side. Each donor made a direct and significant impact in the comfort and well-being of our homeless animals. Thank you so very much for your support!”

kuranda bed

>>Val volunteered to sign books for donation to Spay Neuter Now Spay-ghetti dinner fundraiser – June 2014 and 2015

SpayNeuterNow>>Cash donations to Lilo’s Promise for wishlist items, 2014

>>Cash donation to Ruin Creek Animal Protection for Freedom Rides – July 2014 

RCAPS Ride to Freedom
RCAPS Ride to Freedom

>>Cash, dog beds and other wishlist items donated to Bay Beagle Rescue – December 2014 and 2015

dog bed>>Rescue Me book donations to the Ninja’s Against Animal Cruelty and Caring Hearts Auction Group, 2015

Ready to Go ~Ninja Dog Walk 2015
Ready to Go ~Ninja Dog Walk 2015

>>Cash donations to the Rescue Bank and Care Packages for 10 Shelter Dogs through

Rescue Me Greater Good

Please visit again to see our future Rescue Me donations and fundraising efforts. 


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