Several years ago I had three EFT articles published in Gary Craig’s Newsletter when his site was active. The articles are now hosted on the new site. Each article demonstrates an unusual way that Val uses Emotional Freedom Techniques successfully. Gary’s comments are included in italics with the EFT articles as published.

Hi Everyone,

Val Silver noticed that certain songs would trigger some unwanted emotional responses. So, since the songs ‘tuned her in’ to some emotional issue, she decided to used EFT while they were playing. Success. Very clever.

Hugs, Gary

tapping with tunes piano music Several months ago it dawned on me that whenever certain songs played on the radio, this low feeling would settle over me. For a while I would just try to brush it off, or put it in my “to deal with later file”, but then it occurred to me to take the opportunity to use EFT. Now since I only listen to the radio in the car, and country roads don’t lend themselves to sitting in traffic jams, a little creativity was required.

I decided that if I felt depressed when a song played, I would tap the EFT points with one hand (safety first) while tuning into the music, letting the lyrics and the instrumentals provide the emotional triggers. My job is simply to do the tapping sequence. If the intensity rises or I don’t feel a shift rather quickly I do three rounds of short, fast EFT with setup phrases such as: Even though this somebody done somebody wrong song makes me want to cry…

This works well because a song lasts approximately three minutes so speed is of the essence. Then I resume tapping. I may turn off the radio when the song is over and finish the sequence as needed if time and attention allow. I don’t worry if the work is incomplete because when that song or one like it comes on again, there is a ready opportunity to test my progress and keep tapping.

I do not stray into the causes or related issues even though I am fairly certain of what they are and have already tapped them as completely as presumed possible. I also did not want to dredge things up while I was driving (safety again). Clearly the avenue of music takes the healing to a deeper level, or addresses other aspects that were not otherwise accessible.

However, after a few episodes of doing EFT in this way, I found that sometimes I didn’t even notice when the songs came on or remember what they were. Not only that, but for the first time in a long time I am singing along as I drive and enjoying it, even if those lyrics would have triggered that blue feeling in the not-so-distant past.

Val Silver

Tapping with Tunes – Use Songs and Tapping to Heal Painful Memories
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