This is one of three articles I had originally published in Gary Craig’s newsletter a few years back. Here is article #2, complete with Gary’s intro.

Hi Everyone,

Ever have recurring dreams that you wish would vanish and never show up again? Try Val Silver’s approach.

Hugs, Gary

Over a period of a few weeks I noticed a recurring theme in my dreams. They weren’t necessarily the same dreams, but the idea was the same. So, again thinking of Gary Craig’s reminder to “try it on everything,” I began my experiment.

Using the Movie Technique, I began with the setup phrase and then tapped through as much of the dreams as I could remember, focusing attention on any segments that raised my intensity. If no intensity was obvious, I continued tapping for a few more rounds before moving on. I did not attempt to link these dream events to “reality” but treated them as if they were the reality.

If possible meanings came to mind, I tapped them, but did not turn all my attention to them. For example, in one series of dreams I was lost and couldn’t find my way to class. When I did, the teacher was giving a test and I knew I would fail since this was my first time in that class. One thought was that I couldn’t figure out how to reach my goals or was failing at the life lessons or things I needed to accomplish. I continued tapping through those thoughts and then turned my attention back to the dream.

I would not assume that the first interpretation given those dreams is necessarily the most accurate for that dream. I’ve noticed that as tapping progresses, different interpretations cross through my mind. I let them all be … figuring they each contain a kernel of truth, and settle on the one that feels best. However, this is not the purpose set for myself by doing this work. My purpose is to resolve the issues that these dreams represent, even if I don’t consciously understand what they are. The test of success appears rather simple. The dreams do not recur or “morph” into similar dreams. I am happy to say I haven’t had any of those dreams since using EFT for them.

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Using EFT for Recurring Dreams
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